Los Niños, A Not for Profit Charity

Los Niños is a volunteer group formed to help disadvantaged parents in Zihuatanejo, Mexico provide an education for their children.  This website has been developed to share the story of these beautiful children and their dedicated parents, and to solicit your contributions. Visit our sister site, porlosninos

We in the local community are doing all we can, but we desperately need your help as well. Your participation in this project can change the future of these children.  


Helping Disadvantaged Children in Southern Mexico

Up a winding, dirt road, high in the hills above beautiful Zihuatanejo bay, is the community of Colonia Vicente Guerrero.  It is one of the poorest neighborhoods in the city.  Most of the residents are families lured here from poor rural villages, indigenous regions and worn-out farms to look for work.  Many live in hand-built, one-room houses with dirt floors; some lack electricity, running water and sanitary facilities.  

Although not rich in any material sense, the families of Vicente Guerrero possess a wealth of dignity and pride, combined with a strong community spirit.

Like we parents the world over, their primary concern is for the future of their children.  They recognize that the only realistic way to break the cycle of poverty is education.  Regrettably, their “unofficial” community did not qualify for government school funding.  If a school were to be built, they would have to build it themselves. The parents held meetings, recruited volunteers and formed work teams.  Using picks and shovels, they cut away and leveled two rocky patches of steep hillside land donated by a sympathetic government agency.  One plot for the school; the other for a small children’s play area.  

In the fall of 1999, with scavenged and donated materials, the parents worked evenings and weekends to realize their common dream.  They improved the dirt road and built a lighted walkway to make it easier for the children to climb the steep hill.  Within a few months, a makeshift, four-room schoolhouse, furnished with a few handmade and used desks and donated blackboards, was ready to receive their 87 bright-eyed, young scholars.  The mayor of Zihuatanejo, impressed by their commitment, contributed partial salaries to hire three idealistic, young teachers.  Three additional teachers work as unpaid volunteers.

The deservedly proud parents named the school Nueva Creación, which means new creation.  News of this new school spread like wildfire, and the enrollment quickly swelled from 87 to 102 and now, 170 eager children.  The classes are growing by two or three new children every month.  The parents are overwhelmed and need your help.

Sadly, the school has an appalling shortage of every resource necessary to educate these deserving children.  They desperately need books, school supplies, desks, uniforms, sanitation, shoes for barefoot kids, nutrition, building materials for classrooms, salaries for additional teachers, athletic equipment; the list goes on.


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The Nueva Creación School